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Arakwal – Bundjalung country

socially & environmentally responsible

read and follow signs

my visit is carbon neutral

embrace the Byron way

Yes I Pledge

While on Arakwal – Bundjalung country, I will:

    • Respect the laws, customs and culture.
    • Learn about the history, customs & culture.
    • Respect sacred sites, accepting there are some places I may not be able to visit.

I will be socially & environmentally responsible.

    • Be mindful of my impact on land, air and ocean.
    • Respect that this is a community and home to many; as such, I will ensure that my fun won’t come at the expense of others.
    • Dispose of my litter and any I find, in bins provided or take it with me until I find one.
    • Delight in the local flora and fauna without harming or removing it.
    • Stay on recognised roads and paths, so as not to disturb the fragile natural environment (e.g. birds nesting in the beach dunes).

I will read and follow signs.

  • Observe speed limits to protect others and wildlife.
  • Park in designated places.
  • Observe signs in the national parks.
  • No overnight camping on streets.
  • Follow health orders
Kurt Peterson Photo - Cape Byron Lighthouse
Kurt Peterson Photo - Mt Chincogan




I will ensure that my visit is carbon neutral.

  • Positively contribute to local initiatives to offset my carbon footprint; Zero Emissions Byron Bay, Local Carbon Calculator.
  • Bring my keep cup and water bottle to help reduce my waste.





I will embrace the Byron way.

  • Be kind and polite.
  • Cheer up, slow down, chill out.


Photographer Jeff Dawson balooning3
Photographer Jeff Dawson balooning3

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